Chris & Larry on the Great Ocean Road

Hi there.
We are Chris Ford and Lesley-Ann/Larry/Lammy Morgan.

We originally created this website to help our friends and family stay up to date with our movements while we were travelling the world on our 6 month sabbatical in 2003. We had a fabulous time (read some of the news section for 2003, or look at some of the photos) but sadly scenes like the one opposite have been relegated back to holidays only rather than being an every day occurrence.

This year we have relocated back to the UK, started new jobs, Larry has been promoted to being a Partner at work and we are getting married in July so life is far from dull. Click here to see where we have been so far, or use the signpost on the left to see more photos or read the diary of our sabbatical in the news section.

For those who don't know us too well, or those who need reminding what to give us for birthday presents, the following are our favourite things:

  Chris Larry
Favourite car is... Ferrari 355 Aston Martin Vanquish
The place I'd most like to visit is... Indonesia Galapagos Islands
My favourite ice cream flavour is... Strawberry cheescake Caramel & nuts
Given the chance I'd rather be... Riding the pow Scuba-diving
Tipple of choice... Margarita Cosmopolitan