In 2003 we had a sabbatical and wow did we have a great time. Everyone should have a sabbatical, and if you want our vote, everyone should travel the world doing stuff you would never do on a regular holiday (like argue with border guards in Laos over whether their bribe is $1 or $1.5 per person, spend a month hanging out on a tropical island, ride through the jungle in the back of a pickup truck on an unmade road at night with no idea how long the trip will take, we could go on.....but you really have to make up your own list.
Click here to read the blog (that's web log !) of our trip, or click here to see the photos!
Apart from our sabbatical we have been lucky enough to visit many countries (over 30 countries between us so far - only another 163 to go!) Click on a continent to zoom in and see where we've been.

World map